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"Resurrection Change - From Fear to Joy"

It is very difficult to put our own selves into the lives of the first believers.  We have a hard time understanding even the least amount of what they went through.  Tomorrow we will walk a bit in their sandals as we see how Peter and John and the early disciples responded to Jesus’ resurrection.  What does Jesus share with them when He first appears?  These events bring them from fear, to faith to joy!  I believe they will have a similar effect on you as you go from fear to joy while examining the resurrection.



If everyone loved perfectly, all the world’s problems would be solved.

That is not an overstatement.  Jesus summarized the whole of Scripture in that one word – love.  And if the world’s problems would be solved in this word, then so would any problem you currently have in your life’s relationships. 

In these six lessons, we will delve into understanding what Biblical love is, and how to apply this life transforming action to your interpersonal relationships.

Be there each Sunday - A free book will be provided for all who attend.  At the 4:00 pm session refreshments will be provided as well.  To ensure your spot, please register on our website ahead of time.  Once the class is taught, the material will be available on our church YouTube channel.

To ensure your spot, please click here to register.

Class Schedule:

Lesson 1—Love Defined:  What Love Does (Sunday, September 18th)

Lesson 2—Love Defined:  What Love Does Not Do (Sunday, September 25th)

Lesson 3—Communicating in Love (Sunday, October 2nd)

Lesson 4—Forgiving in Love:  Leaving the Past in the Past (Sunday, October 9th)

Lesson 5—Marriage Principles from the Bible (Sunday, October 16th)

Lesson 6—Marriage Roles from the Bible (Sunday, October 23rd)

Times and Locations:

Each class will offered twice each Sunday.  First at our counseling center at 11:30 am (70-50 Austin St, Suite 121LL) and then at our worship center following the Sunday worship service (60 Greenway Terrace).  Please join the worship service either before or after the class.  The worship service is at 1:00 pm and the second loving class will be held at 4:00 pm at this same location.  See map below. 




Vacation Bible School: Ocean Commotion!

Special thanks to our many families and volunteers for making "Ocean Commotion" a splashing success! The story of Noah's ark, though thousands of years old, still communicates directly with our day. Praise God for salvation through His Son!

Click on the above picture to view more shots!



What is Jesus teaching in John 3:16?  






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