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Happy 4th of July!

Visit with us Sunday, July 5th

What a caring heavenly Father we enjoy!  This Sunday's theme in our worship service will be that God is all powerful.  We have been anchoring our souls on three solid Bible truths about the character of God.  He is all knowing, all caring, and all powerful.  He knows what is best for our lives and we trust Him entirely. 

LOCATION AND TIME:  60 Greenway Terrace, Forest Hills, NY, at 1pm.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are coming by car, please get a parking pass from an usher to display in your window.

Current Sermon Series:  The Gospel of John

Who is Jesus?  This question has been a hot topic since the days when Jesus walked the earth two thousand years ago.  Perhaps you give Jesus credit as a great moral teacher, but have you ever taken time to look at what He taught?  Have you carefully examined his Life and ministry?  We have a record of Jesus' life and ministry from one of His most intimate friends, the Apostle John.  Please take a little time aside on Sunday mornings and join us as we discover who Jesus is from the Gospel of John.

What is Jesus teaching in John 3:16?  




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   70-50 Austin; Suite 121LL

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   60 Greenway Terrace

Midweek Prayer Service - Wednesdays at 7:00 pm
   70-50 Austin; Suite 121LL

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