Finding Forgiveness and Hope "Reaching for the Cross"

This painting was done by Elaine Manassee a believing friend at Grace who is also a local artist.  She shares the following testimony with the painting:

"This painting is called 'Reaching For The Cross.'  I painted it right after the birth of my son, Joseph. My experience in the delivery room totally broke me down and left me in a sick and feeble state.  There seemed to be no one who could help me. I cried out to the Lord and He told me to reach for the cross. All my sins and the sins of those who hurt me, were forgiven by the act of love represented by this cross. If I could get a grasp of the cross, I could rise above my situation and break free of the depression that had such a hold on my life.  Everyone is reaching for that peace that only the cross can provide. Instantly, this image that I painted came to my mind and I realized that our mission as Christians is to lead others to the cross so they too can take hold of Jesus."
We thank Elaine for letting us share this touching testimony and beautiful painting! If you would like to contact the artist please let us know.