Praying the Lord's Prayer

Seeking_God.jpgSome would have us treat the Lord's prayer as something we should pray for verbatim by memory.  Although this is a very profitable prayer to memorize and meditate on, praying it mindlessly and repeatedly can become exactly what the Lord warned us not to do!

"And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words" (Matthew 6:7).

So we should not mindlessly repeat the Lord's prayer several times a day.  Rather we should use it as a pattern for our prayers.  Jesus is teaching us a pattern for prayer that will help us keep God's interest and glory first.  The following document is designed to aid you in meditating in prayer on the first two phrases of the Lord's Prayer:  "Our Father, Who is in heaven..."  Click below to download the different sections of the Lord's Prayer:

"Our Father, Who is in heaven..."



"Hallowed be Your name.  Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."