LIFE Studies - "Critical Questions for Christianity"

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Lesson 8 - The Question of History and the Question of Tolerance

Lesson 7 - The Question of Origins/Does the Bible Contradict Science?- Part 3

Lesson 6 - The Question of Origins - Does the Bible Contradict Science? Part 2

Lesson 5 - The Question of Origins - Does the Bible Contradict Science Part 1

Lesson 4 - The Question of Authority - Is the Bible reliable?  Part 2

Lesson 3 - The Question of Authority - Is the Bible Reliable? Part 1



Critical Questions for Christianity by timrichmondnyc


Series Prezitation

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Many people are interested in the message of love and sacrifice demonstrated in the life of Jesus, but have some questions that keep them from whole-heartedly pursuing Him.

Tuesday night’s we want to invite you to an informal study to help you answer some of these questions. It is a live web cast, so you can tune in while in your own living room or anywhere for that matter. So, get your pajamas on, get a snack, sit back and engage with this new lecture series answering critical questions in Christianity. You can view on roku, your personal pc, phone or other digital devices. If you would like, you can tweet questions live @gracebaptistfh. A companion study book is available free online to pick up at our counseling center or to view online.

Our previous study together is located below:

Developing a Daily Devotional time with God by timrichmondnyc

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