LIFE Studies - "What does the Bible say?" Overview of the Bible message.

Nitpicking details can keep you from the big picture of any topic; this can happen even when studying the Bible.  It is a lengthy book spanning a thousand pages and thousands of years.  Be honest, that’s not something you can sort through in one sitting.  Yet, as the bestselling book of all time, every generation has gleaned from this book of wisdom.

We’d like to encourage you to take the course below that will guide you through the message of the Bible in six lessons.  The videos walk through a Bible study booklet called "What does the Bible say?  A survey of the message of the Bible.  A pdf form of the booklet is available below, or you can order one online at the bottom of this page.  The powerpoint presentation used in the lessons is also available below.  We trust the Lord will draw you to spend more time in His Word as you begin to put together the big picture of the message of His Word!

Lesson 6


BOOKLET - What does the Bible say?  A Survey of the Message of the Bible


LIFE Groups Survey of the Bible Message by timrichmondnyc


Prezitation for all six lectures:



Lesson 5


Lesson 3


LIFE Groups Survey of the Bible Message by timrichmondnyc

Lesson 2




Lesson 1


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