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“Developing Loving Relationships”

  • What? – We put time and effort into trying to improve so much of our lives; our physical fitness, our knowledge and performance at work, our children and friendships.  And yet often our marriage relationships can be left without our giving them much work to improve.  This class is designed to help both those who are preparing for marriage, and those who have been married for years develop a closer biblical relationship.
  • When? – September – October:  Every Sunday morning at 11:30 am (at the office - 70-50 Austin St, Suite 121LL, Forest Hills).  This course is offered at the office in a small group setting of 15-20 people. 

Critical_Questions_Cover_Pic.jpgCritical Questions for Christians”

  • What?   Have you ever asked why bad things happen?  Why is evil in the world?  Does the Bible contradict Science? Does the Bible contain errors?  Is Christianity intolerant?  In this study we will look at Biblical answers to these questions and other like them.  This is a great course for both committed Christians, and those who are trying to discover whether or not the Christian Bible actually is the Word of God.
  • When?  September – November: This course is offered in our small group setting.  You will be paired up with a group guide and one or two other people.  You can meet once every two or three weeks either after church on Sunday, or during the week at the church office or a coffee shop.  Interacting with other believers in this type of setting is very helpful to you in your Christian walk.

Do_YOu_Obey_God.jpg“Do you obey God?”

  • What?   Our culture is growing more and more callous to the Judeo Christian ethic that our country grew to enjoy.  What does God expect of people?  Is there any way you can live in such a way that God is pleased with your actions?  Is Jesus happy with those who keep the Ten Commandments?  Can you keep or even name the Ten Commandments?  This survey will help us gain an understanding of God’s moral law and its purpose in our lives.
  • When?  September - October  This course is offered in our small group setting (10-20 people) at the office and online through our webcast.  The class is scheduled for 8:00 pm on Wednesday evenings (70-50 Austin St, Suite 121LL).