• Sunday - 11:00 am - Prayer Time (Meet at the office - 70-50 Austin St, Suite 121LL, Forest Hills, NY 11375)
  • Sunday - 11:30 am - LIFE Groups Discipleship Class - current topic - sanctification (Meet at the office - 70-50 Austin St, Suite 121LL, Forest Hills, NY 11375)
  • Sunday - 1:00 pm - Worship Service (Meet at 60 Greenway Terrace a couple blocks from the LIRR, Forest Hills Gardens).  Every first Sunday of the month, we celebrate the Lord's Table following the service.  Every final Sunday of the month we enjoy a fellowship meal.
  • Tuesday - 7:00 pm - Russian language Bible study (Meet at the office - 70-50 Austin St, Suite 121LL, Forest Hills, NY 11375)
  • Wednesday - 5:30 pm - Outreach (check with office for weekly schedule)
  • Wednesday - 7:00 pm - Prayer service (Meet at the office - 70-50 Austin St, Suite 121LL, Forest Hills, NY 11375)
  • Friday - 7:00 pm - Gracecast - LIFE Groups via YouTube.  Currently studying "Do you know God?"  An overview of the Gospel message.

More Details

Sunday Worship Service 1:00pm

Grace Baptist Church invites you to join us for our Sunday worship service at 60 Greenway Terrace, Forest Hills, NY 11375 near the junction of Queens Blvd and Continental Avenue.  It is our goal to provide a time where we can worship God in spirit and in truth.  What should you expect during a normal worship service at Grace? 

Approaching God:  During this time we want to make sure that our heart is right with the Lord.  This is a time for believers to confess and forsake any sin in their life so that they can worship God with a pure heart.

Glorifying God:  During this time we praise the Lord for Who He is and what He has done for us.  We have a time of praise in song, in reading Passages of Scripture and in giving to the Lord from our financial resources.

Hearing and Responding to the Word of God:  During this time we focus our attention entirely on God’s Word.  The Lord speaks to us today through the Bible and believers are built up through the ministry of the Word.  After the Word is preached believers are given an opportunity to respond to the Word.  Personal counselors are available at this time as well.


Sunday Afternoon Prayer Meeting 2:45 pm

Another service that is vital to the health of Grace Baptist Church is our family prayer time.  During this time we bear one another's burdens and bring each other's needs to the Lord in prayer.  After a time of corporate prayer men and women break off into smaller groups of four to five people to give good time to prayer.


Sunday Worship Service Location

We meet at 60 Greenway Terrace in Forest Hills Gardens.  If you are coming by car, you will need to get a parking pass from an usher to display in your window.

The church building looks something like a sand castle, just a few blocks away from the 71st/Continental Subway stop.  Walk South on 71st Ave, and past Austin Street (McD will be on your right, Boston Market on your left) walk under the LIRR overpass, to the the LIRR Forest Hills Station area (there is a cobblestone turnaround).  Bear left on Greenway Terrace.  The building will be a block up the street on the left.  

Sunday LIFE Groups

Sunday LIFE Groups - 11:30 am - at the office (70-50 Austin St, Suite 121LL, Forest Hills)

Our goal at Grace Baptist Church is to glorify God by being Bible driven.  In order to be Bible driven we have to follow God's blueprint for how a church should function and that blueprint is found  in Ephesians 4. 

L.I.F.E. Groups is the outgrowth of an understanding of this Ephesians 4 blueprint and its each of our job to pitch in and help carry out God's plan.  It’s your job to pitch in to help the LIFE of the church—the spiritual growth of one another.

In the blueprint found in Ephesians 4, God explains that He gives the church leaders who will equip each individual in the church to do the work of building others up.  Look at three primary principles:

Loving - In the Ephesians 4 blueprint, all building that is done is done through people who are speaking the truth in love.  Love is the great greenhouse of the church.  Our motivation in these groups should not be selfish but for another person's spiritual maturity.

Individuals - In the blueprint found in Ephesians 4, the spiritually maturing church is one where each joint in the body is functioning properly.  We are like a clock filled with cogs, gears, and other intricate moving parts.  Each part in that clock must be working properly for the goal to be reached.  You are needed in this clockwork - you are needed in God's blueprint for church ministry!

Furthering Edification - In the blueprint in Ephesians 4, God shares His goal for church ministry- that we are all building each other up to be more like Christ.  We are to think, act and live like Jesus.  So the end goal is that each person at Grace will be more like Jesus through meeting together around God's Word.