Do you think of yourself as a preacher? What are your pulpits today? We have many platforms don’t we? In the way we live, what we say, and even how we say what we say, we are sharing a message. That message should be putting forward the Good News of Jesus! Use all of your platforms of communication to put forward God’s Gospel.

Let your light shine that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven!

In this video, we take a look at our pulpit at Grace. May the Lord allow us to always preach His Word and only His Word. It is a large pulpit, and resembles a tank more than a lectern.

I found my distaste for huge pulpits for preaching from Spurgeon:

Pulpits by C. H. Spurgeon From the August 1877 Sword and Trowel PULPITS HAVE MUCH to answer for in having made men awkward. What horrible inventions they are! If we could once abolish them we might say concerning them as Joshua did concerning Jericho—”Cursed be he that buildeth this Jericho,” for the old-fashioned pulpit has been a greater curse to the churches than is at first sight evident. No barrister would ever enter a pulpit to plead a case at the bar. How could he hope to succeed while buried alive almost up to his shoulders? The client would be ruined if the advocate were thus imprisoned.