I trust you were able to spend some moments this week fostering a gratitude attitude. If not, be sure to spend time today and tomorrow, not just being thankful. But actually GIVING thanks to God.

Did Jesus Marry Mary?

What an odd question! Did Jesus Mary Mary Magdalene. There are many false views of Jesus which makes some ask, "Which views are correct?" Can you trust the Bible more than the skeptics probes or ancient secular literature like the Gospel of Thomas? Watch this week's...

Don’t Quit!

The Monarch Butterfly gives us a great example of perseverance. If God calls you to a task, don’t look at the obstacles or how long it will take, just start the next step of the journey!

First Step in Daily Quiet Time

In this playlist, we have examined some of the big ideas of starting a daily devotional time with God. Today we get to the first step. You are up early. You have your coffee, tools, Bible, quiet, now what is your first step?