Good Friday – His Hour Had Come

On Good Friday, His hour had come. I’ve been refreshed spiritually through reading the Gospel of John this week. Once again, those phrases, “His hour,” jumped off the page. I’m struck by the truths that this one phrase presses into our soul. First, Jesus knew what He...

Finding Footing in Unsteady Times

I think one word that people often use to describe these weeks is unsettling.
Even those who are not anxious are unsettled.
Well, where can we go to get settled?
I find no better place than this often repeated illustration in the Bible.

Continue to the end for a helpful Bible study to keep your mind set on the Lord.

Passion Week Bible Reading Schedule

Here is a Passion Week Bible reading schedule. I used Thomas and Gundry's breakdown of each day (Purchase their Harmony of the Gospels on Amazon here). Below is a pdf of the reading schedule to download and some devotionals for each day of the week. Keep your heart...

Christian Kindness Amidst the Coronavirus

An international pandemic brings out the best and the worst in humans. Today we visit a place in Central Park, a makeshift hospital, where we find some of the best. In these tents others demonstrate God’s love in human kindness. As we sort examine this endeavor, we...