60 Second Definition of Discipleship: Who is a disciple?

Discipleship is a theological term that has become packed with significant meaning in church traditions. But that can make a term too complex. And yet, it is a great summary of the Christian life and what it means to be...

Easter Message of Hope from Four Gardens in the Bible

Easter's message of hope can be told through viewing four of the Bible's gardens. Take a walk with me through time and view these gardens through the lens of Scripture. When you're done watching,...

What is Palm Sunday all about? A Special Psalm Not A Palm

What is Palm Sunday? And why is this celebration so important for you? In this video, we discover the truly amazing prophecy behind Palm Sunday and the spiritual lesson it has for us. Get your Bible out and let's dig in!

Wise Words from a Wise Woman to King David: Life is short, reconnect.

A wise woman uses a great illustration to appeal to David to put the past in the past and reconcile to others in the future. Let's learn from 2 Samuel 14:14 woman in 2 Samuel 14.

Your Life As A Commute: A parable for how we live and where we are going. NYC Subway Commute Lesson

Your commute to work or home may be short or it might be long. Compared to your whole week, the commute is a short space of time. But whether it is short or long, it is true that you do not live for that commute, you live...

A Prophetic Utterance – Who Will Be in Power?