Love is not rude.

The Bible continues its description of love forbidding what we might not have thought to forbid on a list of love's forbidden activities. Love is not rude.

Love and Trash Talk

Perhaps this court has had more put downs per square inch than any other spot in the world. It is a smaller court, and it is very, very busy. Even on a windy, fall day. The normal trash talk on the court is a poison for any relationship. Because it is the opposite of...

Love Advice – Love is not jealous.

Developing loving relationships with others means we can't just focus on what we should do, but also on what we should not do. Jealousy is one of the actions that is the opposite of love. What does the Bible mean when it says, "love is not jealous?"

End of Times and Climate Change

  · Today there was a summit for youth to demonstrate their concerns about climate change. · It is part of a global strike with demonstrations all over the world from September 20-27.And I realize that this is a political issue. By that I mean it is a primary...