What is Palm Sunday? The Power in the Psalm Not the Palm

What is Palm Sunday? And why is this celebration so important for you? In this video, we discover the truly amazing prophecy behind Palm Sunday and the spiritual lesson it has for us. Get your Bible out and let's dig in!

What do I do when God says no?

https://youtu.be/Nj3cewsu4aQ We are about a year from when we were praying that the "two weeks to flatten the curve" would be effective. I remember asking our church to pray that we would be able to meet for regular services again by Easter Sunday, 2020! Well, we were...

Love Your Neighbor Week

The characterizing distinctive of a follower of Jesus is that they love others. So, let’s make sure those around us know the Lord loves them. We will focus on God’s love Sunday. Love Your Neighbor Sunday. Let’s practice this so we do it well. Consider trying to do one...

Theological Terms – Imputation

Let's dive into the Bible to understand a key term regarding your eternal rescue. In this video we unpack God's accounting program. What is imputation? -   #Imputation #Justification #Theology #Salvation #Christianity #BibleStudy #Romans4