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Are you anxious?

There is so much information out there about what to do with your hands and what to do with your food and what to do with your face and your community gatherings… but what do you do with your mind and your heart? Please listen to this video that survey’s how you can keep your mind and heart fixed on God during uncertain times.

God Changes Things Through the Ministry of Prayer.

Please share with us those you know who have the virus and want to be listed below to pray for their recovery. And please check back with us to pray, lifting these individuals up in prayer. Thank you!


  • Candy’s family: Sister Mina (and her household); Niece Nancy (and her household).
  • Tracy’s Friends: Elizabeth and Shawn
  • Marcia’s Friend: Margaret
  • Josh’s Boss: Seth

What does the Bible teach about sickness?

Where does sickness come from, and can God use even this tragedy for good? In this sermon we surveyed what the Bible teaches about sickness and how we can actually find God’s strength in our sickness.

A Christian’s Response to a Past Pandemic: Careful, Compassionate, Confident

The news of disease spreads anxiety and sorrow. What should your response be to this news? What is a Christian’s proper response? In our video today we look at the correct response a young lady, Francis, who faced a pandemic of a much larger scale.