Early Service – 8:30 am 

Afternoon Service – 1:00 pm 


Please keep the following in mind when attending in person:

  • Please sit in spaces marked with green and keep the red spaces open.
  • Please wear a mask while moving into your seat or while speaking with others that are not six feet from you. You may remove the mask during the service if you would like.
  • Please maintain social distance and stay at home if you feel sick = )

Primary Purpose of Adding Early Service:

To provide enough spaced out (social distanced) seating for our entire church to attend Sunday worship service.

Question and Answer

  • What are the times?
    • Early Service – 8:30-9:40 am (need to be out by 10:00 am)
    • Afternoon Service – 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm 
  • Is this a permanent church decision? Let’s try it for two months and see how it goes (First Sunday – September 20th). This is a temporary fix because we want to remain spaced out and still fit everyone, and that is not possible unless we meet at two different times. Remember, we are doing this, not because we want to, but because we need to. And yet, the Lord often uses things we don’t want to stretch us and grow us. We are thankful for our Landlord’s allowing us to meet at a seperate time in the building. Once we have tried the layout for a couple months, we can decide if we should keep the time or not. Let’s pray for a building we can all meet in at 10:30 am each Sunday by this coming June!
  • Will there be a nursery or Children’s Church? We appreciate your patience as we hash out what we can accomplish well in this department. Some of the questions regarding volunteers and even the needs for each service are dictated by attendance. So, won’t  really know until we try this for a few weeks, so we may update this in October. For now: The entire basement is open for nursery for parents with small children. As the fall progresses, we will be able to reinstate nursery workers (both services) and children’s church (1:00 pm).
  • Will you change the church’s COVID precautions? None of our normal precautions that the city asks us to keep will be changed. We will still encourage social distancing and wearing masks as you come into the sanctuary and leave. During the service, you do not need to wear a mask because of the distance to one another. Let’s be sure to keep our precautions to maintain both safety and a good testimony.
  • Does this provide more volunteer opportunities?! – Well, I’m glad you asked! With the added times, one of the primary concerns is having enough people to serve both times. If you would be willing to serve in one service and worship in another service time, please let us know. That makes for a long day, but it would be a great way to serve the Lord on His Day. Teens, and College/Career on the younger side of the spectrum, let me encourage you to pray about this for your Sunday = ) Consider the example of young Josiah… When Moses left the Tent of meeting, young Joshua did not leave the tent (Exodus 33:11).
  • Will it be the same format at each service? The same format will be used in both services. The early service will need to be shorter, but the primary elements will remain the same.
  • When will you stream? Although we will have two services, we will continue to stream just the 1:00 pm service.
  • What if I have other questions? Well, then others may have that question too, so please ask = )