L.I.F.E. Groups

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Small groups following God’s blueprint for church community

“The proper working of each individual part causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love” –Ephesians 4:16

Why LIFE Groups?

As a Bible driven church, we seek to follow God’s blueprint for how a church should function. That blueprint, found in Ephesians 4, shows that each believer is responsible to encourage spiritual growth in those around them.

So, our L.I.F.E. Groups exist to facilitate that intentional encouragement and cover topics vital to our Christian life. It’s your job to pitch in to help the LIFE of the church—the spiritual growth of one another.

Every Believer is a Discipler

Every Believer is a Discipler

In Ephesians 4, God explains that He gives leaders to the church who will equip each individual in the church to do the work of building others up. Look at three primary principles:

Loving – In the Ephesians 4 blueprint, all building happens as people speak the truth in love. Love is the great greenhouse of the church. Our motivation in these groups should not be selfish but for another person’s spiritual maturity.

Individuals – The spiritually maturing church is one where each joint in the body is functioning properly. Think of a clock filled with cogs, gears, and other intricate moving parts. Each part in that clock must be working properly for the goal to be reached. You are needed in this clockwork – you are needed in God’s blueprint for church ministry!

Furthering Edification – In this blueprint, God shares His goal for church ministry- that we are all building each other up to be more like Christ. We are to think, act and live like Jesus. So the end goal is that each person at Grace will be more like Jesus by meeting together around God’s Word.

What do we study together?

Short answer: the Bible. We work through a series of studies that our pastors have developed. This series starts with a “Beginning” phase, then dives into deeper topics in the “Growing” phase. See below for a full list of booklets available.

So, whether you are taking the core classes to help others grow in these areas or taking the advanced classes, you will be built up. More importantly, you will be a part of building others up to be more like Jesus.

What does a typical LIFE group look like?

A LIFE Group ranges from 3 to 6 people who all live close to each other, with one of them leading as the “group guide.” Groups are flexible enough to meet at a time or place that suits each member, averaging a meeting every two weeks. Our group meetings include “one another” ministry like prayer and encouragement as well as a concentrated time reading through the booklet for that session.

There is also one general LIFE Group meeting every Sunday at our church office from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

What do we study?

Read here for an overview of our LIFE Groups information:

Discoverer Series – Beginning

1. Do You Know God?

2. What does the Bible say?
     A Survey of the Bible

  • 6 lessons, covering 10 scenes of the Bible’s story
  • Summarizes the message of the Bible in one sentence
  • Great as an introduction for the curious and new believer or as a refresher for all believers
  • Flexible for small groups, one-on-one, or individual studies

3. Do you misunderstand God? Critical questions for Christians

Many aspects of life or the Christian message are difficult to reconcile. In this series we try to provide some answers to these questions. Questions include: Why do bad things happen (the question of evil)? Can I trust the Bible or does it contain errors (the question of authority)? Why has religion done so many evil things in history (the question of history)?

4. Do you obey God? Reconsidering the 10 Commandments

Discipleship Series I


Developing a Daily Devotional Time with God

What is the Message of the Bible?

How can I know I have eternal life?

How can I grow to be more like Jesus?

How can I deal with my emotions?

Serving as a Disciple Maker

What is a Bible-Driven Church?

What are the ordinances of the Church?

What does the Bible say about the Bible?

What does the Bible say about God?

How do I tell my friends about Jesus?

How can I know God’s will in life’s decisions?

How can I pray the Lord’s prayer?

Discipleship Series II

More Growing

Refusing Temptation

Working to the glory of God

Refuting False Cults and Dangerous Trends

Understanding Other World Religions

What does the Bible say about salvation?

What does the Bible say about the trinity?

What does the Bible say about humans and angels?

What does the Bible say about the church?

Getting Help with Depression, Bitterness, and Anxiety.

Discipleship Series III


Serving as an Effective Christian Counselor

Using my Spiritual Gift

Serving as an Effective Deacon

Serving as an Effective Elder

Christian Evangelism Training (advanced from the earlier Growing booklet)

Discipleship Series IV

Knowing the Word

Survey of the Pentateuch

Survey of the OT History Books

Survey of the OT Wisdom Books

Survey of the OT Prophets

Survey of the Gospels and Acts

Survey of the Epistles I

Survey of the Epistles II and Revelation

Discipleship Series V

Special Studies

Living Single to the Glory of God

Making Disciples of your Children

Loving in Marriage

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