Perhaps you sang as a child, “Read your Bible, pray everyday and you’ll grow, grow, grow.” It’s so true. Consistency in the Bible and prayer is essential for a healthy Christian life.

But how can you develop this habit? In this booklet, we suggest some helpful structure for your personal time with the Lord. We dig into various Bible study methods, Bible reading schedules, and a good method for your prayer time. Don’t neglect these essential devotional activities. They are your spiritual life and breath!

I’m beginning the McCheyne reading schedule (Apendix 3) if you want to follow along the same plan. That’s just another way we can stay together even if needing to be more apart than normal = )

This booklet is now available on Amazon. The Kindle version is available for free download till Sunday… Get it while its free please = )

The companion workbook is also available now. This is a helpful way to journal your quiet time with God in Bible study and prayer each day.