Jonathan Edwards pastored for just eight months in NYC and yet it was here that he penned many of his resolutions. Even as a young man of 18 and 19, he was passionate about a higher purpose for his life. He desired to live for God and to bring more attention to God’s greatness.

The types of resolutions we set to change our lives communicate much about what we aspire too and who we are. What resolutions have you set this year? Have you made any that would be for God’s glory? Let me encourage you in at least one way. Resolve to abide in Christ. That is the very beginning of all other types of growing for God’s glory. This year, please include in your purposes for life change the principle of abiding in Christ. Spend time with him each day, allowing Him to change you more like Him each day.

Our church is going through a study on how to develop this daily devotional time with God.  If you have not attended a class that helps you develop this area of your life, please join us!