There are certain Bible truths that we could call nighttime truths… nighttime medicine for the soul. Companies provide medicine that is medicine that is for the day time, and there is medicine that is for nighttime… At night we need to sleep, to rest, and that night–time med doesn’t worry to keep the grogginess out of their formula. Well, there are certain truths about God that are especially helpful at night. Nighttime is when some of Satan’s darkest thoughts and temptations come. They are when we are faced with quiet, with time, and with stillness – that idle mind can be a source of much anxiety. Night-time is the time when Satan prowls around the youth to try to get them to fall into the temptations of the night-life. And so, we need some night-time truths. You have heard it said – don’t doubt in the night what you have learned in the light… because, at times, that is the temptation. And so we take to our night time the truths of God’s Word. Spurgeon said: “I would sooner walk in the dark and hold hard to a promise of God, than to trust in the light of the brightest day that ever dawned.” I could go through hundreds of these. I’ll look at just one to keep our video short… and maybe we’ll share more in the weeks to come to provide Bible medicine for the soul at night. One JOYFUL THOUGHT IN SCRIPTURE IS THAT GOD IS A SHIELD. God shares this first to Abraham as he faced the impossibility of a health situation. God is a shield… we rest in Him. David was a warrior and so he uses many military illustrations to teach what God is to us. The shield was used in ancient warfare to protect the soldier who was under attack. Psa. 33:20 Our soul waits for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. In Psalm 3:3, David was facing a difficult situation – his son was trying to find him and kill him. Perhaps you find yourselves in a hard place right now. The temptations of the flesh are strong. The arrows of the enemy are incessant. Well, you need to find this night time truth. You do not need a shield in the time of peace. You need a shield when you are in a time of warfare. You are able to find rest in God today. God is your shield. Come to God today as a shield. Find rescue in Jesus as the shield of your salvation. You don’t need to fall to the slander of guilt from Satan. You come fresh to the Gospel and find Jesus as your attorney to represent your case. You are guilty, but HE has paid your sin debt in full. Find rescue in the Holy Spirit as the shield to enable thoughts of peace and calm in the time of trouble. The restlessness of night needs to give way to the fruit of the Holy Spirit which includes peace and joy… ask the Spirit to be your shield against anxiety and to give you rest. Find rescue in the Father as the One Who knows your cares and your concerns and your trials. Bring your cares against you. You may kneel down. You may be in a corner against the fire breathing dragon of temptation. But as long as you have God as your shield, you can stand strong… He is your shield. Find in God your shield. You have a Father Who wants to shield you from those cares. Bring them to Him and roll them on Him as the shield. A Father that shields you from evil and from care. He will uphold you. He will sustain you. Come to God as your shield. Come to Him and ask Him to take the blows, the darts, the arrows, the spears. This is the shield of faith. Stand firm in the battle. Even at night, knowing that God is your shield. With Him at your right hand, you will not be moved. You will be victorious.