Begin with a simple logical expression: My kids love chocolate. I love my kids. I only feed my kids chocolate. And from here we get to our third pillar for decision making and the will of God. Come with me to the M&M Store, the bridge of secrets and eventually a few shops in Queens. Often life’s biggest decisions are ones that are not exactly right and wrong decisions. Who should I marry? What should I do for education or work? Where should I live? These also can be some of the most difficult decisions we face. So we need to add wisdom principles to our decision making tool belt. Let’s learn from Scripture how God would have us make these decisions in a way that pleases Him. In this way we follow Christ Who, “Always did the will of the Father.”

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Here are the three chocolate shops we recommend at the end of this video:

Eddies Sweet Shop – 105-29 Metropolitan Ave

Aigner Chocolates – 103-02 Metropolitan Ave

Schmidts Candy – 9415 Jamaica Ave