When you look at the record of events for Passion week, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are packed. And of course Thursday and Friday are packed. John gives five chapters detailing Jesus’ conversation with the 12 that Thursday. But there is very little given to Wednesday. You might say no particular verse mentions it.

And yet, a verse in Luke that says in the day He would go up and teach in the Temple and at night He would spend the night in the garden. We know He spent at least one night in Bethany. And so He spent at least one other night in the Garden other than Thursday. We could assume that this is how Wednesday was spent, teaching. Now for everything to happen Thursday as it did, others were plotting and prepping and conniving.

But I think we can assume that Jesus’ mind was elsewhere. Wednesday could be considered the day of weight. Jesus sensed the weight of the coming days. By Thursday night, He is under such spiritual and emotional strain that He is sweating and crying blood. This is intense and unusual strain of prayer. He is praying to the Father to allow the cup to be passed from Him – yet not His will but the Father’s will. Let’s think about that weight for just a moment.