There are many Bible answers to the question – “Why do bad things happen?” I realize that when you are enduring the “bad thing”, these answers don’t take the pain completely away. But having a good foundation of several biblical answers to that question will help you navigate the trials of life with a good footing on God’s Word.

The few videos in this series will do just that. They give you a good Biblical foundation for answering your hear’t question. “Why does bad stuff always happen to me?” And even if you are not facing bad times now, no doubt you have many Charlie Brown type friends this time of year going through the disappointments of life and can offer a sympathetic ear, and (if asked by them) even offer a few Biblical answers to their question. “Why did this happen to me?!”

This video concludes at Bethel Baptist Fellowship, the mother church for Grace in Forest Hills, and a lovely fellowship of faithful believers!