Answering this question is always difficult. But that does not mean that there are no answers. The Christian worldview gives many good answers to this question. And although none of them take the pain of loss, or sorrow away immediately, as we take in each of these answers, we begin to recover from our difficulties.

A third answer to the question of bad is that God uses the bad to make us better. If we did not face the difficult we would not grow stronger. So, at times our loving heavenly Father even asks us to go through the trial to strengthen our faith, our resolves, our character. He makes each of His children stronger through the trial.

Consider this very practical answer to the question with the above video.

“Why do bad things happen to me?”

  • Answer 1 – Bad people do bad things.
  • Answer 2 – We live in a broken world.
  • Answer 3 – God uses bad to things to make us better.