Yes, it is December already, and the cold today felt like that real NY winter again. Call me crazy, but I actually like the variety in our seasons. I look at the 14 day forecast; I see some 30s in there, and say, “Welcome to NYC, December!”

There’s something about the cold that makes me thankful for the variety the Lord gives us in our climate each year. And I trust, we’ll soon see some beautiful snow and think of the ways God illustrates spiritual truths with the fluffy stuff. The seasons teach us another very important lesson through one of God’s first promises to humanity in Genesis 8:

“While the earth remains,

Seedtime and harvest,

And cold and heat,

And summer and winter,

And day and night

Shall not cease” (Genesis 8).

So, when you feel that cold whip across your face tomorrow morning, say, “Thank you, Lord, for keeping your promises these thousands of years!”

And then remember that His promises to you in the Gospel will be just as true five thousand years from now as well. And in five thousand years you’ll be in a much better place because you are in Christ. Your ship will have sailed into the harbor of His eternal joy. That ship’s stop is much a far better harbor than any cruise ship ever anchored here below! = )