About us

From different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures, we gather together with one purpose: to worship the true God as He deserves.

Our Mission

In the Bible, God has showed us how we can please Him in every area of life, including our church life. From expository preaching to our intentional discipleship to our reverent worship services and creative children’s programs, we set a high priority on following God’s instructions in Scripture.

The core team of Grace Baptist Church took hundreds of hours searching the Scripture to find out what God expects of local churches. We came up with hundreds and hundreds of principles but tried to summarize them as a handful of biblical directives for the local church. And that is what we are all about. We are endeavoring by God’s grace to accomplish what He directs in Scripture.

We endeavor to glorify God by being Bible driven:

In our goal

Maturing members of Christ’s Body who love others and maintain unity.

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Maturing members
Love Others
Maintain Unity

In our means

Praying always and using Scripture with church shepherds.

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Praying always
Utilizing Scripture
Shepherding Leadership

In our message

By proclaiming Christ to both believers and unbelievers.

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Proclaiming Christ

Our two-pronged approach

We believe that every believer is expected to bear fruit in two key ways: growing and serving. Growing happens as we spend time with God in His Word. As a church, we encourage this growth through corporate worship services and small-scale discipleship LIFE Groups. Life Groups and other fellowship options also give us a chance to connect. Finally, we recognize the importance of serving those around us through ministry teams.

Our story

Grace Baptist Church of Forest Hills began in the heart of God and the burden of Tim Richmond in answer to the prayers of many believers in Forest Hills. With a burden to see a multicultural, Bible-driven church in a diverse setting, Pastor Tim and family moved to the Forest Hills area in 2008. After a series of home Bible studies, we began holding services in the Kew Forest School on Union Turnpike. We added 24/7 office space in 2013, and Pastor Andrew and family joined us in 2014. Since 2015, we have been meeting at 60 Greenway Terrace. We see the Lord growing us both in number and in maturity, and we are excited about His next chapter of grace here at Grace.

About you

Now that you know a bit about us, please take a minute to connect with us and introduce yourself. We would love to hear from you. Or better yet, please come and visit us some time for worship – we would love to meet you!